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About Ciara Code

Ciara Code is a Norwegian fashion store offering trendy quality clothes, creative cuts and a broad textile aspect to young women. The website have SSL security with high-speed, easy navigation, creative product photos with detailed descriptions, prompt delivery and prices that gets along with your wallet. We are proud to spice up the fashion market in Norway – and now worldwide!

Our vision is to create inspiring fashion trends directly from Ciara's wardrobe. Every piece of clothing is picked out of quality, creative cuts and a wide textile aspect which will give an unique expression – your own special dresscode. Ciara knows how important it is to have embedded brest-padding when the clothes looks better without a bra, or choosing the perfect fabric that will bring out the best in each one of us. There are no limits on how creative trends may be, nor how many times we can allow ourselves to feel amazing. Ciara wants you to always feel that you are at your best.

If you are located in another country we will offer you the best price possible to make sure Ciara's fashion can reach you.

Secure, fast and easy online shopping. Ciara Code has the highest ranking of SSL security which means that the company is approved for encrypted information and insurance. With a performance of 1.32 sec page download gives Ciara Code a big advantage: 84% faster than other tested websites.

You can easily pay via Stripe card payment (Accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, JCB, Diners and Discover), or PayPal. The important thing is that you have the ability to choose the payment that suits you best.

Ciara Code provides good conditions for not only you, but the factories and the environment. We believe in justice and effective communication. As a customer you will experience fast and pleasant customer service, fast delivery, easy return system and the possibility of being a part of the partner portal.

There is nobody in the world who will suffer for Ciara Code. We are proud to announce that everyone behind the production has good conditions: normal western working hours, good salaries, safe workplace and daily communication with Ciara.

Ciara Code uses only recycles cardboard, minimal emissions during production and climate neutral service package when possible.


To everyone, from all of us in Ciara Code - Thank you for taking the time to get to know us!

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