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Recap – New York Fashion Week

by Aurora Loyola

If I’m going to sum up NYFW in one word: BREATHLESS! Well, it literally takes my breath away. Each year is getting better and crazier. Every little detail is picture perfect and you can tell everyone has been working their ass...


Hello Mellow!

by Ciara

Today was one of those days when I just had to stare at my closet for minutes. I love all of my clothes, but the big question keeps hitting me: What in the world should I wear today? For some reason it always turns out to be 3 outfits...

Week of Outfits

From Miami To Cancun

by Ciara

It feels great to have a small break from traveling back and forth to NYC. I’ve learned one thing about myself and that is I can’t stay in Norway for too long. Why? After my first alone trip to the states back in 2014 I got hooked. I...