From Miami To Cancun

It feels great to have a small break from traveling back and forth to NYC. I’ve learned one thing about myself and that is I can’t stay in Norway for too long. Why? After my first alone trip to the states back in 2014 I got hooked. I know I’m a bit crazy, and that has lead me to an enormous personal growth. Traveling completely changed my perspective on life. I realized that life has so many amazing opportunities and people to offer. You only experience it out of your comfort zone! Want to do a challenge like I did? Pick up your paper map, close your eyes and draw a mark on the spot that your hand chooses. That’s the place you should explore next! Well, that was almost how I did it. My first flight was to NYC and it was not even on my bucket list to go there. But I’m so happy that I made that decision. Then I met some amazing people that I consider as my best friends today. And that’s when Miami happened.

I’ve always dreamt of lying on South beach with a Pinacolada and just relax to the fullest. It was not quite what I expected, but not in a bad way! It was a lot more crowded than I thought and I quickly realized that I’m missing all of my girlfriends here. Miami has a great night life and my days there were full of energy. I could get used to that kind of lifestyle, hehe. I thought that Miami was the most perfect place on earth until I went to Cancun. OMG, words can not describe how much I loved that place. We visited the gorgeous city all the celebrities are talking about: Tulum. My first steps on a white sand with blue waves of an exotic beach was in Tulum. Whenever I’m drinking coconut milk now it takes me back to all the memories of Tulum. If you want to zone out, eat amazing food and just stare at the beautiful landscape you should go to Cancun and Tulum. You will not regret it!

I could stay here forever and take pictures of all the gorgeous moments. Could you guess how many beach selfies I’ve taken already? 100? Nope, in fact none – because my front camera is broken. So I chose to spend my money on traveling instead. #priorities

Where’s the best place you have been? And where would you like to go?




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