Hello Mellow!

Today was one of those days when I just had to stare at my closet for minutes. I love all of my clothes, but the big question keeps hitting me: What in the world should I wear today? For some reason it always turns out to be 3 outfits that I fall in love with and keep using over and over. But when I’m about to meet up with my bff I realize that I need to change to something more low key and different before she starts noticing my habit, haha. And yes, that is so embarrassing.

But guess what, today I’m about to jump into something new – am I talking jumpsuit hehehe? Yez girl. I’ve received the prettiest package in the mail ever. Just look at this cute box! How is this not love at first sight? I’m dying over the fact that this is only the box. I can’t throw this away, I feel like I need to put it on my wall or something, lol. Anyway, I got the fleeky Mellow jumpsuit from Ciara Code! Hallo, don’t you think this is totally amazing? I’m surprised it fits so well to my body and how comfortable it is even with the chocker at the neck. I believe that this jumsuit will be a part of my 3 favorite outfits for the next couple of months!

You can get this jumpsuit here: https://www.ciaracode.com/mellow-jumpsuit



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