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About CiaraCode

Ciara is inspired by the powerful female with a chic and sassy attitude. She is confident, charming and definitely an eye catcher by her contagious smile. The designs are each classic with a twist and creative with an edge. Ciara's main approach is designing jumpsuits which is either the statement itself or the ready to wear basic look. Our goal is to make each piece to be the most accessible and wanted fashion clothing in your wardrobe. All of Ciara's clothes are designed in house here in Oslo, Norway. 

CiaraCode had its pre-launch in November 17, but the official launch was March 18. Our signature style is ready to be express delivered to babes all over the world.

What's your favorite look at the moment? Lets share our favorite #mycode memories on social media! Shake your hair loose and remember that you are the most beautiful version of yourself.

A message from the founder:
«“It all started when a shopaholic like me couldn't find enough clothes that I really loved. Everything was too basic and boring so I started sketching my own ideas of how I'd my style. At that point I realized that I had the potential to create a collection myself. It was really hard, and it took years to build everything that you see today. But I'm so proud that we did it all ourselves; from the development of the website to creating connections all over the world. I can't wait share all of my designs with you and I'm pretty sure you will love it as much as I do! If you like what you see, please make sure to follow me on Instagram at @ciaracode. Thank you so much joining our fashion world!”

xoxo ciaracode